east fork kiln

timber framed open air structure sheltering a 35-foot long walk-in wood-fired pottery kiln, with wood storage under the buttressing shed roofs. tin roofing salvaged from nearby collapsed pole barn. five years and eighteen firings in, smoke from repeated firings has darkened the frame. 

visit eastforkpottery.com for gorgeous pots made from north carolina clay in this kiln.

east fork pottery kiln shed
marshall, north carolina

timber frame composed of a diverse array of tree species all cut from client's woodlot: white pine, white oak, beech, tulip tree, cucumber tree, magnolia and sourwood. exterior posts cut from standing dead locust and left in the round. collar ties composed of curving live edge sourwood and white oak. wild sourwood log with lizard skin bark left intact joined into tie beams, centered over kiln door, to carry heavy steel kiln door counterweight; the door is lifted every five minutes during the height of the five-day kiln firings to maintain the kiln's critical temperature trajectory. 
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